Thursday, 29 August 2013


I was recently one of the lucky 17 to be chosen to take part in the Filofax Project over on Janet Carr's blog!! I was selected to do the University project and currently have an A5 black filofax winging its way to me from Sweden to help me with planning my time at University and keeping on top of my work and deadlines as well as finances etc!

Whilst all blog posts in relation to the project will be posted on Janet's blog, since I have never blogged before I thought I would set up this one in order to have a bit of a trial run so to speak!

I'm about to start my second year at Bangor University (wales!) doing Zoology with Conservation. I used a personal sized red butterfly filofax for my first year of  university but I struggled to fit all of my deadlines and work to do in during busy weeks of my course, it was also extremely difficult and time consuming making my own inserts for the personal size, which is why the A5 size appealed to me more. I have heard scare stories of A5 filofaxes being too heavy and bulky to carry around so I will be interesting to see how I cope with this.

The main focus of this blog will be my general university life including budgeting tips, food recipes and keeping on top of work etc at university as well as coping with having an LDR at university.

As I am new to the world of blogging, if there is anything that upcoming freshers would like me to focus on then feel free to comment below or send me an email at and I will try my best to incorporate it into my posts.

That's all for now xoxo

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  1. An excellent first post... very interesting as my daughter is taking a gap year before starting her QTS course at Brighton next year