Friday, 14 March 2014

A new Filofax and some custom inserts

After months of searching I finally found myself a Personal Purple Malden only for them to come back in stock on Filofax UK a few days later sigh ... at least I got mine at a cheaper price than the recommended retail. However when I was setting up my new beauty I realised that the standard week on two pages inserts that come with a Filofax just didn't work for me and so I decided to have a go and making and designing my own! Now I am no technology expert and so I decided that the easiest way for me to do this was to print them out straight onto the personal paper to save all of the cutting and punching issues I have seen many Filofax users suffer from on Facebook.

These are my new inserts that I posted on Instagram a few days ago. The Malden came with some cotton cream paper which I used to print out the first couple of weeks of these inserts and I love the way they look on that paper so I am waiting on more to arrive so that I can print out the rest of the University year. I probably won't be using these inserts all year round as they are very specific and set up to be used at University during a typical week so I will more than likely swap back to the standard inserts for the summer. The way things stand though I have another two and a half years of academic studies ahead of me and so if they do pan out then the effort that went into making them will all be worthwhile.

I have only used the inserts for a few days and they are working a dream but this could be due to the fact that I am still in the honeymoon period so I shall report back at the end of the academic year if they are still working for me and whether I will be making any changes for the inserts come September. 

At the top on the left I have a 'Must get done this week' section with space for four top priority tasks that I absolutely cannot put off any longer, regardless of how much I would like to. Then on the right there are spaces for Deadlines of the current and next week as well as other events such as birthdays and finally a space for me to jot down things I have run out of. I also put the academic week at the top of the pages next to the month as a lot of my lecturers refer to things that are happening in a certain week and I am constantly having to look up when it is. 

A5 Diary pages typically have the vertical format that I went for in these inserts- I found that it worked really well for me as I am quite a visual person and so being able to see exactly how much of my day is taken up by lectures and other commitments is really useful for me. I have never come across the vertical format for personal size to buy before which is a shame as I like the style of it but an A5 is just too heavy for me to carry around with all of the other things I need for University on a daily basis. 

Because I have found these inserts to be so useful I am going to share my initial draft of them here with all of you guys in case there are any other students out there who could benefit from them! So if you click here you should be able to access them, if not email me! :) 

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  1. How exactly did you set these up margin wise ? Could please do a tutorial ? I love the set up. I'm working on a filo for my mom as a gift.