Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Filofax Original Set Up

I have had my original for little over a week now and I *think* that I am happy with my current set up but as most Filofax users are well aware only time will tell whether it is actually my ideal system. I am absolutely in love with the colour of the organiser and I am thrilled that I opted for the green.

The original doesn't have the usual layout of inside pockets that are seen in many of the Filofax models nowadays but I am rather taken by the elasticated pen loops and middle strap. I am using a 4 colour bic pen and a mechanical pencil as the writing utensils in my organiser and I am also keeping this cute little giraffe ruler my mum got me in the middle strap although I have checked and my iPhone 4 will fit here. There are 2 credit card pockets and a full length pocket behind.

This post it note organiser came from Paperchase and is their 'standard' size and fits the personal organiser beautifully and what's more, they do student discount both online and instore!
The first section that I am using is a 'Capture' section and from the picture below you can see that I have an open top pocket in here to store receipts or other important documents that need filing at a later date. I also have an assortment of paper behind it. 

The next section is my diary section in which I am using a week on two pages format

The third section of my Filofax is my planning section in which I have the Birthday and Anniversarys inserts as well as a fold out 2014 year planner to note down any important dates before I have the entire years worth of diary inserts in my organiser.

The magnetic page marker I am using to hold the pages together so that it opens on the relevant month is again from Paperchase.

Next up is my University section where I keep information about each of my modules, any marks from assessments as well as a to do list which I separate from the other information using a spare fly leaf and Martha Stewart top tab.

 The fifth section is a Finance section in which there is another top opening envelope (the joys of owning multiple organisers!) as well as the budgeting pages that I got in my grey domino that I got from TKMaxx (see my post about it here) I have actually used a lot of those inserts in this organiser as I figured that there was very little point in saving them!

The sixth and final section in my Filofax I have the A-Z dividers in my organiser which I have seen others in the Filofax community using as a filing system for random notes in order to prevent me having to have lots of small tabs in my Filofax. I am so far enjoying using this system and I will keep you updated if anything changes!
Finally is a (slightly blurred-sorry!) picture of the notepad that comes at the back, you can easily tear pages out from this book so I think it will be perfect for using for shopping lists or other quick memos that I might want to remove from my organiser. There is again a full length pocket at the back to store random pieces of paper in and I have so far found both of the pockets to be reasonably roomy. 

The craftsmanship on these organisers is incredible and in my opinion justifies the higher retail price compared to some organisers. I love how every time I open my organiser I get the gorgeous smell of leather and I am desperately hoping that this smell doesn't end any time soon or fade over time.

I have promised my instagram followers a video about my set up but due to the fact that this set up is still reasonably new I am going to give it a month or so to settle into my organiser (and of course decorate it some more!) before I make the video but rest assured I will also post the link to the video here.

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