Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Finding the Appropiate Filofax For the Job!

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that I have recently decided that I would like to pursue teacher training when I graduate and I am one of those people who consider such an occasion as a reason to purchase a new Filofax. 

However I am currently debating over which option to go for!  I am settled on the idea of an A5 as I would eventually like to use the same organiser as my markbook and space where I plan out all of my lessons and so ideally I would like something which will last me a while yet still being friendly to a student's budget, quite the dilema! 

My top 3 favourites from the Filofax website are:

1. A5 Aqua Malden
Whilst this is by no means a student friendly purchase and is currently out of stock everywhere I have looked it may not be the most realistic of options. However I have wanted a Malden organiser for quite some time now and I am confident that the organiser would last me a while, the colour also seems fun and less corporate which would be ideal for a primary school teacher (fingers crossed!)

2. A5 Red Domino
I have spoken numerous times about my love for the Domino organiser and I think the elastic closure would be really useful for a teacher's organiser. It is also considerably cheaper and I would be less worried about carrying it around in my handbags or it becoming accidentally damaged within the classroom setting. I only wish that you could still find the Dominos in brighter colours! Or green, a green domino would be idealistic for me!!

3. A5 Metropol in Red
Again this is quite a student budget friendly organiser and it is not real leather so it would be much less heartbreaking if it where to become accidentally damaged. It also has two pen loops which would be great for an organiser that I want to take on its own somewhere as I wouldn't need to take a pencil case as well. My only concern with the Metropol is that sometimes it can appear quite streaky.

Are there any other trainee teachers or qualified teachers out there? Which Filofax / Organiser would you recommend? 


  1. I first started using an A5 Finsbury, to replace my school diary, which had a notebook and various bits of paper attached via an elastic band. Not a good look at professional meetings......
    I had a brief flirtation with a burgundy Domino, but found that the elastic band closure didn't keep it securely closed and things would drop out. Plus, the surface marked if I ever rested on it to write a note.... So I returned to the Finsbury which lasted for about 10 years.
    I eventually replaced it with a lovely chilli red Cuban, but struggled with the ring size so moved into a purple Malden which is just perfect. It attracts many admiring glances as well when at meetings. :D

    Good luck with the teaching.

  2. I used a Domino for a time when I was teaching full time; it's cheap, so you don't freak about the state of it if you leave it on the desk and the plastic cover allows for decorating it with stickers etc which children love. And the elastic is very forgiving.
    I have a colleague who uses a red Cross and it just looks so beautiful at meetings, but I'd save and go for the Malden. I love the A5 binder set up inside. Good luck with your course!

  3. I am a teacher an bought an A5 finsbury, but it was the purple Malden I was really after and I eventually tracked it down. I use it for everything and has been great. Been using my Malden for the past year and I have made up some f my own pages and printed the diary sheets from philofaxy. Good investment that will last you for years. I am writing an up date post on my blog which may be part of philofaxy web finds next week if you are interested to see what I have put together.

  4. I am not a teacher but i think you should go for the malden it is worth every penny and has the larger rings which are a must... do you mind me asking how you were able to get the tabs on your blog for your sections like me ect i really want to know how to do this!

  5. Thank you for all of your comments! Sadly I have not been able to locate an Aqua malden but I did find a really good deal on an Ochre so that is currently on its way! Fingers crossed I can get a place on a course or I will have to designate it another use!