Friday, 11 April 2014

Being in a Long Distance Relationship

I took a gap year after my A-Levels because I just didn't feel like I was quite ready for University just yet and it was honestly one of the best decisions I have ever made! At the start of my gap year I met my lovely boyfriend, C, and today marks our 2 and a half year anniversary! Sadly I am in Spain for the occasion but I am sure we will have a chance for our anniversary date when I am back! 

Although I don't go to University too far from home it is still hard not being able to see the one you love at the drop of the hat and the opportunities for spontaneity are limited because everything has to be carefully planned out in advance. 

I am lucky in the sense that I get to see C at least once a fortnight, however it is usually for less than 24 hours which kind of sucks sometimes- thankfully university has lovely long summers which really aren't that far away now! By the time I get back from my Field Trip in Andalucia it will be over 3 weeks since I have seen C because he got the lurgy the weekend before I went so suggested I stay away in case I too became sick, especially with my upcoming Field Trip. I think 3 weeks may possibly be the longest we have gone without seeing each other, ever!

C really is a wonderful boyfriend and I am so glad  that I met him- although if he is reading this then he is probably puking into a bucket as we speak because he is not the soppy romantic type. I know he loves me though and that is what matters. 

University seems to thrust a lot of people into LDR and I am quite lucky that I can C as often as I do and when I saw the image above on Pinterest it reminded me of C. Being in a LDR means that you appreciate  the simpler things in relationships, like cuddling on the couch watching a movie or breakfast in bed on a lazy weekend day. Some days of lectures are made much easier by the fact that I know at the end of the day I get to hop on a train and at the end of the journey I see C.

So happy anniversary C! 

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