Monday, 9 June 2014

REVIEW: Filofax A5 Patent Pink Domino*

A few months ago I contacted Filofax because I fell in love with their Willow design and really wanted it in A5 size, only to discover that they did not make it in that size. After a little more snooping I discovered that they didn't make any of their patterned designs in A5 size and so I emailed them to ask why and the ever lovely people of Filofax said that they would pass my request onto the design team. 

Last week an email from the lovely Nike at Filofax pinged into my inbox asking if I would like to review the A5 Patent Pink Domino and I jumped at the chance! I had been moments away from ordering the organiser on a few occasions as I decided that I would like a 'fun' looking planner for my teacher training application. 

A few days later it arrived and was wrapped in a lovely gold tissue paper. Not going to lie it felt a little like Christmas! 

When I opened up the tissue paper I was blown away by just how pink the colour was but I have been really liking all things pink lately so that is by no means a bad thing!

The organiser retails for £35 on Filofax UK here and I was pleasantly surprised by how cheap it was! Definitely looks like it is worth a little more than that! The Domino is such a simple yet effective design and I have written previously about my love for the Domino here. I often see it crop up in the Facebook groups as a lot of peoples' first planner simply because it is such good value.

I like how the elastic is pink and matches the binder as often on the Domino there is a white elastic which I find can sometimes get a little dirty with frequent use but in this case it doesn't matter! 

When you open up the binder there are no  credit card slots, but since I rarely use these it doesn't really bother me and the large letter pocket is more than ample for my needs! Currently it is storing the card that the lovely Nike from Filofax sent me. The inside of the letter pocket is not the same shiny patent material but is instead more of a cotton like material which means that paper is not likely to slip out when you are opening and closing the binder. 

The rings are always one of the things that I check out initially whenever I receive a new Filofax and I am pleased to say that they are perfect! The rings are also a fabulously large 30mm which will be more than ample for me, especially because the Domino is such a stuffable model!

I should note that I am showing you the Filofax exactly as I received it and this is not my set up of the binder, once I have had a chance to decide exactly what I want in each section I will bring you an update of my set-up!

Moving onto the inserts the binder came with: there was a good selection of to do inserts, white lined paper, quadrile paper, plain paper and pastel lined paper. Plenty to get me started off with!

It was also a pleasant surprise that the diary came with an 18 month diary which conveniently starts when I start my placement in a Primary school and will take me right through my application process and will also hopefully be ample for when I start my PGCE *fingers crossed*.  

The diary format is my favourite column format for the A5 size and I have used these before and found them very effective at mapping out my time.
Another favourite of mine are the clear plastic rulers and so I was pleased that the Domino came with one.
There was also a top opening envelope which I find really useful for quickly placing things in my binder that I don't have time to file straight away.

There is another full length pocket at the back as well as a slot where it looks like a notepad could easily slide into should you need it. 

I can't wait to sit down and set this binder up for my teaching application and I feel like it is going to be such a versatile binder and I am over the moon to have received it. I have also filmed a video review of the Domino which will be up later this week when I have had a chance to edit it. 

*Although I received this binder for free all opinions are honest and the same as they would be if I had purchased the binder myself. 

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