Wednesday, 19 February 2014

101 Things in 1001 Days

I was sorting out my documents on my laptop the other night, I am really bad at keeping things in folders and I rediscovered my 101 in 1001 list I created this summer. Reading through it I was surprised by what I had managed to achieve on it so far without even thinking about it and I thought that in order to keep motivated with it I would post it here. I did debate resetting the clock for the entire list but I have instead opted to keep it the same (bar from a few of them!). Anybody who knows me will know that I love making lists, I will make a list of lists I need to make and my boyfriend even got me a valentines card which referenced to do lists! I made this list on the 28th July 2013 which means that my end date is the 24th April 2016, so I still have OVER two years to complete it, no excuse for failure! Anyway enough blabbing, here is my list (I couldn't get the numbering to work on here so you will have to trust me that it is 101, or get really bored and count them for yourselves ;) )

101 things in 1001 days

Earn £10 from surveys - COMPLETED DEC 2013. 
Spend less than £250 on stationery for the duration of the list (reset as of today, current spend on stationery £8.67, oops!)
Save £1000 for a rainy day
Sell 31 things on ebay (5/31)
Buy nothing unessential for a month
Get a cheaper phone contract
Fill my giant copper jar 
Save £200 towards a car
Save all 20ps for 3 months
Donate to charity
Keep a budget
Buy a lottery ticket
Buy a scratchcard
Subscribe to cosmo
Get a new laptop
Buy something from etsy

Have a driving lesson
Take theory test
(not on the list but I would love to have actually passed my practical test by April 2016 too!) 

Health and fitness
Complete couch to 5k
Do yoga
No fizzy drinks for a month
Drink a bottle/glass of water every day for 3 months
Eat no meat for a week
Eat a piece of fruit every day for a month
Get a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night for a month
Give up chocolate for a week
Use moisturiser 3 times a week for a month

Get to level 90 on WoW
Donate blood
Become a bone marrow donor
Build a snowman
Carve a pumpkin
Get a hamster
Keep room tidy for a month
Make own Christmas cards one year
Make a friendship bracelet
Make my own Filofax insert
Clear out cupboard in rorys room
De-clutter bedroom
Do a random act of kindness
Send a care package
(Omitted for personal reasons)

Start a blog
Post on blog at least once a month

Finish undergrad degree (2.1)
Get up 2 hours before uni for a month
Get a first in a module (year 2 onwards)
Decide on a dissertation topic
Go to every lecture for a month

Read pride and prejudice
For one week go to bed early and read a book
Read 50 books (3/50)
Read a magazine ive never bought before
See taylor swift live
See ed sheeran live (tickets booked for November 2014 eep!)
Pre order a cd
Watch a new tv series
Watch 10 documentaries
Watch gone with the wind
Watch 20 new movies (3/20) 

Try 10 new recipes
Have a packed lunch every day for a month
Make ice cream
Have breakfast every day for a month
Make pizza from scratch
Make bread from scratch
Cook a Chinese dish from scratch
Make my own sushi
Make a gingerbread house at christmas
Start a recipe binder

Make pj collection more grown up
Throw out old underwear
Get a nice pair of boots
Buy no new clothes for a month
Spend a day in a onesie
Buy something from (you don't need to know this!)
Get a ring
Buy a new coat

Go bowling
Go to the cinema by myself
Visit a new country
Visit grandma
Go to a Christmas market
Spend a night in a hotel
Go on a picnic
Try a new alcoholic drink
Update twitter every day for a month
Go on  night out in bangor
Dress up for Halloween

Sort out photographs
Take at least one photo a week for a year
Have another picture taken with colin
Make at least one scrapbook
Update memory wall in room
Take a picture of as much of university as possible

Send a postcard
Send a postcard to BF's actual house
Write a letter to futureself (
Send 10 handwritten letters (3/10)
Send a letter to a soldier

Create a new list before end of this one

If you managed to read this far down then I am impressed! As you can see I have currently completed 17 of my 101 things which my calculations puts me slightly behind target (by about a month) but there are a fair few long term aims on here so I am still optimistic I can get it done!

Have you made a 101 in 1001 days list? Did you manage to complete it or did you forget all about it like me?


  1. Wow that's great!! :)
    I myself haven't made a 101 in 1001 list, but reading other people's kinda makes me want to one day!! Kinda scared of the commitment of getting everything done on it if I made one haha but definitely would get you out of a rut or out of your comfort zone which definitely would make it worth it :)!
    With 2 years to go, you'll probably get a bunch more done, no worries! Good luck and have fun!

    Cachoo Joo

    1. It was reading someone elses that made me write mine! Yeah I'm hoping that I can complete all if not most of it by the end! :)

  2. I love how varied this list is, there's some great goals on there! Amazing how much you've already got through :)


    1. I was surprised that I'd done quite a bit without intending to! Hopefully can power through a few more this month!


  3. Great idea! I've got a bucketlist on my blog, I think it makes me more determined to do things just so I can tick it off and post about it! ;)

  4. My first blog was based on a 101 things in 1001 days list. I managed 65 in total so not too bad going! Good luck with yours! x