Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Do I really need another filofax?!

I currently have 5 organisers: a red Personal Butterfly, a Personal Retro one, a Mini Malden, a pocket ranger and an A5 Finsbury.... yet recently I've been lusting after 'The Original' and 'Domino' in personal size. These may seem a strange combination of Filofaxes as they are opposite ends of the spectrum so to speak! The fact that I want a personal size is also rather strange as I am currently using (and incredibly happy with!) an A5 organiser, the Burde that I was kindly sent by Janet Carr as part of her 'Filofax Project' and I found that using a Personal sized organiser for university last year left me with having to use page a day inserts to avoid cramped pages but this left me unable to keep as much information as I would have liked to in my Filofax.

Not all of the Filofaxes listed above are currently in use, in fact I tend to be a one organiser at a time kind of girl but I will flit between different organisers depending upon how busy I am and how many tasks I need to keep track of.

Picture courtesy of

The Original appeals to me for several reasons but mainly because of its British heritage, the real leather and the fact that you can have it personalised with your own initials (the latter is probably also the reason that I want a real leather satchel too!). After much deliberation I have decided that the colour organiser I like the most out of all of the Originals is the green, with the personalisation I would like, this organiser would set me back £67.95, which on a student budget, is not a decision to be made lightly! It is however my 21st Birthday on Saturday and I have been dropping hints left right and centre, so we shall see what happens… if not, there’s always birthday money!

Picture courtesy of

Then there is the domino, my favourite out of these is a toss-up between the ‘Deep Pink’ (and I’m not usually a pink kind of girl!) and the ‘Violet’. This organiser has a special place in my heart as it is the Filofax that my mum used for years which inspired me to purchase my very first Filofax (a pocket denim- which I can no longer find but I am promised  that it is in the loft somewhere!) Although this organiser cannot be personalised, and it is not leather, it does carry a much lower price tag of £24- much friendlier on a student budget, but even then it is the equivalent of two weeks of food for me and so I am struggling to justify buying it simply because I would quite like it for reasons of nostalgia and do not have a designated use in mind!

Despite this, I will undoubtedly spend hours of precious procrastination time reading blogs about these organisers and searching eBay in the hope of finding one of them at an incredibly low price that I would be foolish to refuse (or at least that is what I would tell myself!) Realistically though, I can’t see myself purchasing a new Filofax until the new year, when I will undoubtedly come up with some kind of resolution that I will decide absolutely requires me to buy a new Filofax!

How do you justify purchasing a new Filofax?! 


  1. currently in tkmaxx at £12.99! I purchased this very one (I have another personal domino in another colour and actually these are my favourite faxes both style and size) the violet isn't as bright as the picture above (may just be my pc settings) but it is a beaut x

    1. Thanks! My TK Maxx didn't have any brightly coloured ones in but I did manage to scoop a grey one and as my mum's was a black one, this is even more nostalgic (which I've realised with hindsight!)

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