Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Wanderer Has Returned

I feel like I have been forever living out of a suitcase these past few months what with my Field Trip and commuting back and forth for my third semester of second year (seriously where has the time gone?!) but I am now finally home for a nice 4 month long summer, bar a 2 week trip away for some work experience and despite the fact I am returning to my retail job for the summer it is sooooo nice to be settled for a bit and not travelling back and forth to see my boyfriend and family and there is plenty of scope for spontaneous outings.

These past few weeks I have been mostly camping out in the Library doing my best to try and get as many points in my second year exams to give me the chance to hit the ground running when I go back to university in September. Third year is worth 2/3 of my overall degree mark so it really is the biggy and if I am honest it is already freaking me out a little.

Despite being a really bad blogger during exams I have been reasonably good at keeping up to date over on my Instagram and here are my highlights!

We had a  reunion of our Spain trip and I drank more than I usually do but I still managed to be tucked up in bed by 11pm!

Revising on the train journey back to Bangor. I really wasn't feeling enthusiastic about going back... well the thought of looming deadlines and exams is enough to put anyone off but my wonderful mum drove me to Chester station and got me a Costa hot chocolate, with marshmallows and suddenly my journey seemed a lot less daunting. Mums are the best.

I don't know if it is just me but around exam season I find that I do get a little stir crazy from spending all of my time in my room or at 'our' library table so one afternoon I took myself off to Cafe Nero for some serious chocolate cake and a change of work environment. It really is amazing how much my productivity was boosted by simply sitting somewhere else for a few hours.

Finally I decided that I needed a change of Filofax for the summer break and so I moved into my Crimson Malden. Initially I had bought it with the view of selling it on but I really struggled to part with it and as soon as I moved in it was clear why. I think I finally have planner peace! I am waiting for a few bits from etsy and then I will be doing a full set up tour!

Today is my first shift back at my retail job, so please do keep your fingers crossed for me!

I am planning a series of posts to help people prepare themselves for going to University so I would love to hear your input if you have any ideas of what you would like to see?

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