Sunday, 8 June 2014

My Week #23

This week I have been in my Crimson Malden again and I cannot see myself wanting to move out of it anytime soon! I have had a pretty packed week this week and I experimented using thin washi to colour code what was happening in my week but I am not sure whether or not I am keen on it as I feel that it made my pages too busy! I might keep it in for certain elements but I can see myself getting fed up of it quickly!

I have had a fair few hours of work this week and I have also managed to sneak in 4 hours of driving lessons, seeing the Lion King live (look out for my review soon!) as well as viewing a flat with my boyfriend who is currently in the process of getting a mortgae and buying his first home (how grown up is that?!). 

Conveniently I had a weekend off this weekend and for those of you who work in retail you will know how much of a luxury this is, especially when it is not the school holidays! This also coincided with the release of the new series of Orange is the New Black on Netflix... excellent!

How has your week been? 

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