Friday, 27 June 2014

Healthy Eating Wishlist

Dear Readers, I am on yet another health kick... this time though I have made the plunge and started taking protein shakes, which considering my daily intake of protein is less than a third of what it should be can't be a bad thing. Lots of other bloggers and Facebook friends seem to be on a pre holiday health kick however sadly I am not going away this year and so I am trying to be healthier just because it is the right thing to do! My close friends and C have lost count of the amount of health kicks I have been on and so we shall see how long it lasts this time! 

Hopefully it will last long enough for me to use the whopping 1.25kg of protein powder I just received from The Protein Works anyway! 

Ordering protein was the first step in becoming healthier and so here my dear friends is the wishlist that I have been developing whilst looking for inspiration for a healthier lifestyle!

1. Chia seeds: I have read numerous articles about the health benefits of these seeds and every Instagrammer under the sun seems to have some on their breakfast so I am intrigued to try some out and see what happens!

2. Agave Syrup: This is like a healthier version of honey from what I can gather and I think it will be great on my porridge... although I am currently loving the Zero Syrup from TPW. 

3. Meridian Almond Butter: Almond butter seems to have been popping up all over the blogosphere in the last month or so and as I am the kind of girl who is easily influenced I have been itching to try some... 

4. Meridian Peanut Butter: I eat a reasonable amount of peanut butter anyway but it seems that the value stuff I have been getting as a healthy snack might not be as good for me as I first thought! oops!

5. Yo Yo Fruit Rolls: These have been on my Instagram feed lately (probably because of their super cute packaging!) and I really am awful at eating enough fruit and veg so these may be a good way to up my intake.

6. Urban Fruit: The lovely Rachel mentioned this product on her blog last week and made them look so yummy... I can't wait to get my hands on some! 

7. Nakd bars I am probably a really bad blogger for admiting to this but I have never actually had a Nakd bar! 

Do you have any favourite healthy snacks? What would you recommend? 


  1. You should definitely join in with Healthy Selves - check out the hashtag on Twitter. It's a group of us who are helping each other to get more healthy, it's so fun and really motivating to have a community of people to help you :) xx

    1. Oooh thanks for the heads up! Will have to check out the twitter tag! xx