Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Out of office

Appologies for how quiet it has been around here the past few days! I am currently in London doing some work experience and clever me didnt bring a laptop so I am confined to blogging from my phone.

I am finally getting some experience in a Primary school and I am 3 days in and loving it... so far I haven't been put off the profession and I am already thinking up new ways to strengthen my application.  Y'all are gonna have to keep your fingers crossed for me around November time.

Sadly I cannot reply to comments from my phone but I shall try my best to catch up when I am back (in just under 2 weeks).

For now lovely readers I will leave you with this hilarious classroom anecdote:

Whilst encouraging a 7 year old boy to do his time telling worksheet I asked 'how will you know what time it is?' To which he responded 'I'll just ask siri miss'

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