Tuesday, 9 September 2014

My Most Marketable Skill Campaign

As I have mentioned before, I took a gap year before starting University and as a result I have spent most of this summer watching many of my friends graduate from their degrees and head off into the 'real world'. Whilst taking a gap year was most definitely the right thing for me to have done on a personal level, it also worked out pretty well academically (or so I hope!). I feel that I went into University with a much more mature attitude than many of my peers and I knew where I wanted to go after my degree which has definitely given me the drive and motivation to get through some of my not so favourite modules. 

Back in July Webucator got in touch with me and asked me if I would write a post about what I felt was essential for success. In today's job market, many of my friends have had to settle for jobs which are not their ideal graduate career choice in the short term whilst waiting for the right opportunity to come along.  Being a year behind so to speak I have  had the chance to look back and realise that even though I am hoping to progress to the field of teaching, I am by no means guaranteed a job at the end of it (or a place on the course in the first place!) 

After a long think I have decided that my most marketable skills is being organised. I am an avid fan and user of my Filofax and I am forever buying my loved ones diaries and organisers! 

My boyfriend insists that one of the main reasons he landed the graduate job he did was because he had done a LOT of research into the company he was applying to and as a result he was more or less able to lead the interview. Very impressive! So being organised also has the ability to help you actually get the job in the first place. 

Whether it is keeping track of deadlines, shifts at work during summer or just day to day tasks, my Filofax helps to keep me on the right track and there is definitely something therapeutic about putting pen to paper. 

I also think that the right Filofax can make you look the part at an interview and it would be a great place to keep a note of any questions that you want to ask the interviewer at the end so you don't forget in the heat of the moment! If I was hiring somebody then I know one of the main things I would be looking for is good time management skills and I feel that being organised goes alongside this!  

So there you have it,  that is my most marketable skill- what is yours? 

Thank you to Webucator for asking me to write this post, it really got me thinking! 

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