Friday, 26 September 2014

Whats in My Bag: The University Edition

As I am about to start my third year of University and lectures I would like to think that I have gotten what I carry in my bag down to a fine art; however, sometimes I end up carrying far too many things around and giving myself backache and then other times I find myself wishing that I had brought other things with me! This here is my happy medium. 

For my lectures this year I am planning on using my Longchamp Le Pliage bag in Large Size as I find this bag to be roomy enough, without allowing me to overstuff it. As well as the things pictured above, I also carry some additional things around with me for University but I will go into that later on in the post! 

On the top left of the picture is an Elba document file* which I use to store any print outs that I need for that day as well as any assignments that I need to hand in. Next is an Oxford Campus A4 Refill Pad* in a lovely pink colour (which unintentionally seems to be my colour scheme for this year at the moment!) and I also carry my keys, for obvious reasons! The refill pad gets used for taking notes in lectures, brain storming out ideas for projects and general university note taking. 

At the bottom left of the picture there is an A5 Oxford Campus notebook*  which houses all of my to do lists, lists of things that I need to try and read that week, books I need to get out of the library and so forth. As I like to try and keep my planner as neat as possible I find it much easier to house all of my University related lists that are temporary (usually only relevant for a week or less) into a notebook. I then have my purse which is actually designed as a travel wallet but as I am using the envelope budgeting system at the moment, it is the perfect size for me! Next up we have the Kate Spade Wellesley zip around planner which I absolutely ADORE, especially the inserts and it may even be that I have found planner peace with this one *crosses fingers*. And finally there is my pencil case in a lovely zebra print which came from Paperchase and I thought it was apt considering I study Zoology. 

Things that I also carry and are not pictured are a water bottle, my lunch if I have a full day of lectures, I also carry a Dictaphone which I keep in my pencil case as well as a pen drive. By the end of term I am sure that I will end up with a mass of receipts and junk at the bottom of my bag but for now I am loving its simplicty!

What do you carry around in your bag for University

PS if you love Oxford and Elba products as much as me be sure to enter their 100 days of converse competition! 

*Items were sent for me for review or purchased with money off coupons but all opinions are my own and I discussed products as though I had bought them with my own money. 


  1. My university bag is a bit of mess right now! It's full of receipts from buying coffees, pens that have run out and random scraps of paper with shopping lists on. I'm thinking of doing a post on this though soon- once I've had time to give it a bit of a sort out before I start my next hospital placement!
    Jennifer x

  2. My Uni bag was always full of hundreds of pens - great idea to have a folder.

    Lizzie's Daily Blog

  3. Ive just started uni and i'm dreading having to carry round so many papers and folders i hope I got the right sized bad haha