Monday, 15 December 2014

Things That Made Me Happy #9

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This week has quite possibly been the toughest of my life, its been hard work but it really has been worth it. I have a habit of being overly cautious, weighing up my risk of failure before I try anything new and often my anxious tendencies get the better of me, Throughout the past week I have had two interviews, resulting in many a sleepless night but I survived and in amongst the tough times have been some happy times too. 

1. Getting a place for my PGCE although one of my interviews went incredibly pear shaped, the other did not and I am thrilled to say that I am one step closer to fulfilling my dream of becoming a Primary School teacher- bring on the Stationery! 

2. Re-kindling my love for blogging although the blog has been a little quieter than I would have hoped this week, I am excited about the posts that I have planned for this week, keep your eyes on the blog tomorrow morning if you're a Filofax lover!

3. Dream planner on the way I managed to pull a few strings this week and I have a planner I have been lusting after on the way to me and it should be here early in the new year- excited much!

4. Signs of things to come the location of one of my interviews meant that it was easier if I spent the night at my boyfriends flat the night before; it was a very surreal moment that morning both sitting on the couch in our work clothes, hopefully there will be many more of those moments.

How have your weeks been? 

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