Monday, 1 December 2014

Radio Silence, Third year sucks

Wow, its like I shut my eyes and the last month or so flew by and now all of a sudden its December! Remember this post way back in the start of September about my thoughts on third year? Well third year is hard and well it hit me hard.

A combination of being a guinea pig on a new module and the UCU strike (thank heavens that has been suspended until January) have led to me being back on anxiety medication, something that hasn't happened for almost 4 years. They're really helping though and its true, you really shouldn't be afraid of asking for help when you need it. Please don't suffer in silence if you are going through what I did at  the start of the Semester.

So other than 12 hour library days, what else have I been up to?

1. Eating chocolate cake and still losing a little weight! 
I've been trying to adopt a healthier life style lately, and whilst I have still been eating cake like this, I have been doing so in moderation and I have also joined the gym. Although it is nothing drastic, I feel a lot more confident and I am actually starting to enjoy exercise, something quite ground-breaking for the girl who used to skip PE!

2. Social media dissertation project
Everyone who knows me personally, will agree that I am permanently on my phone looking at some form of social media so I am really enjoying experimenting what kind of impact using different kinds of social media has on the interaction and engagement of students.

3. Taylor Swift 1989 (+Buying Concert Tickets!)
As a rare Taylor Swift Fan who has been so since the VERY start, I was beyond excited about the release of 1989, despite the move to pop and it is safe to say I LOVE IT. Like a lot. I also managed to score myself the BEST seat I have EVER had for one of her concerts in June. As you can probably tell, I get very excited about all things Taylor Swift related.

4.Applying for my PGCE
I have sent off my application and so far things seem to be going well. I really hope this pays off so please keep all of your fingers crossed for me!

I feel a LOT better now that I have admitted that I am not coping as well as I could be with third year and at times I succumb to the pressure to share the cherry picked aspects of my life on my blog, but for now- its going to be a mix of ups and downs,  As Robbie Williams said, life is a roller-coaster, just gotta ride it.

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