Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Student Stationery Essentials!

One of the things that you will have to spend some of your beloved student loan on when you go to University is stationery. How much you spend on it and what you choose to buy is a completely individual thing and it will probably take you a good proportion of your degree to figure out a system that works for you. I'm still not sure that I have mine quite perfected yet and I have almost finished second year (yikes!) but below are my top 3 must haves for anyone at University already looking to change their note taking habits or those eager beavers who are procrastinating from A-Level revision by preparing for university (not going to lie I totally did far too much of that during my exams!)

1.A good quality notebook
(Oxford Campus Notebook in A5- available on Amazon)

I tried the whole buying the cheapest notebook and paper I could possibly get my hands on in sixth form and it did not end well! Ink would constantly seep through my pages, I daren't highlight anything and far too frequently pages were being torn out and I was losing vital notes, not good! Since then I have been more particular over the kind of notebook I buy and since finding the Oxford range of notebooks I have never looked back. In fact if I ever find it on offer then I am that crazy girl in the shop buying armfuls of the same notebook (sorry mum!). 

2. A pen that you can write quickly with

In lectures the amount of things mentioned which is not on the slides is pretty immense for me and so I am always frantically scribbling away (if nothing else it keeps me awake!). I personally like these Bic fine point pens as I have found that no matter how quickly I write, it is still legible when I come to consolidating my notes later on. 

3. A planner

Last week I finally got my hands on this beautiful Filofax (Personal Purple Malden) but I cannot emphasise the need for a planner or diary or something which keeps track of your deadlines, lectures and general life commitments you may have. I know I keep harping on about planners and the like but mine really is such a useful tool for me, especially now that I am at the stage of my degree where I not only have to do all of my work for second  year but I also need to start doing preparatory work for my dissertation in third year. So moral of the story is, get a planner (please).

Do any other students have any Stationery essentials that they would add to my list? Leave a comment if you do :)

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