Thursday, 13 March 2014

Motivation Missing

I have been such a bad blogger lately- almost two weeks without a post! Sorry and thank you to everyone for sticking with me. To be honest I've been stuck in a rut these past few weeks and I am slowly starting to drag myself out of it now. I am not really sure why it happened, perhaps its the feeling of it nearly being Easter but knowing their is masses of work to do before then (seriously second year is hard) and the fact that after Easter I know that all I have left is exams and then that is it, second year is done and I will be two thirds of the way through my degree-where did all of that time go?

I am the kind of person who gets overwhelmed and anxious far too readily and so chances are it is the academic pressures taking their toll on me- I went home for a few days and away from my university life I felt ten times more relaxed and less anxious but as soon as I was on the train back to university all of my worries and doubts suddenly reappeared.

This wasn't intended to be a rambling post which is more like a diary entry but since I don't keep a journal, this blog is more or less the record of my life and where I figure things out and work through my feelings, usually by sharing the things that excite me or I have been up to today.

My plan is to grit my teeth and work through it and hope that my motivation returns and I get a sudden burst of inspiration to do all of my work but if anyone has any tips on how to get your motivation back then they would be most greatly appreciated.

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