Friday, 25 April 2014

Andalucian Adventures Part 2- Birds Galore

I finished Part 1 of my Andalucian adventures having just climbed a mahoosive mountain (I jest not, go take a look at that thing!). Our next stop was Donana National Park where we visited a wetlands site which was pretty serene, I mean just look at that! 

They had several strategically placed hides around the site and as we were pretty much the only visitors there at the time, we got to see plenty of wildlife! 

Like this little fella who if my ID skills serve me correctly is a 'Little Egret' 

He spent a lot of the time we were watching him fishing but unfortunately I didn't have quick enough reaction times to get an action shot of him in the process! (So this is him just before he took a plunge!)

This is perhaps one of my favourite photographs of the entire trip because I spent a lot of my trip pointing my camera at a butterfly, only for it to fly off just as I hit the shutter! I haven't managed to ID this butterfly yet so if there are any butterfly experts out there then any help would be greatly appreciated!

Right back to the birds! This is a Glossy Ibis and there were quite a few of them around at various hides but considering we were there about 5pm it is quite normal to see a lot of them on the reedbed at that time of the day. It is a shame because this photograph doesn't capture the true glossiness of the feathers of this bird!

The scenery of the wetlands took my breath away, there were picture perfect spots around every corner I turned and I am really regretting not getting snap happy for once in my life!

It amused me because the White Storks build their nests on pylons which looks really comical from a distance (in fact I found most of the mannerisms of the storks to be amusing!)

My final shot of the day! We then returned back to the hotel in El Rocio (a little town that resembles something out of an old western movie, no really, google it!) but the next morning we decided that as the group had loved our visit to the wetlands the previous day we would go out before breakfast (cue 7am starts!) and return for a morning bird watch. But oh boy was it worth it! 

For one thing we saw a Bittern and a Night heron; then we left the hide to see this beautiful sun rise through the woods and returned back to the hotel where I FINALLY got my first cuppa in Spain, I was having serious withdrawals by this point!

Writing this post has made me really nostalgic for my Field Trip and despite the pile of work I now have to do- I would do it again in a heart beat!

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