Friday, 4 April 2014

Off On An Adventure!

I think I may have briefly mentioned a few times that I am off on a Field Trip with my University this Easter and by the time you are all reading this post I will be on my way to Andalusia to spend 10 days looking at the wonderful wildlife there is there... that is assuming I managed to make my 2am start...ouch!

We are going to some pretty rural locations and moving around a fair amount so I am not entirely sure how much internet I will have to blog whilst I am away but I have scheduled some posts so The University Project won't be a ghostown whilst I am off exploring the National Parks of southern Spain. 

Naturally I am taking my camera with me so I will make up for the lack of replying to comments etc with a post (or two!)  showing you all what I got up to whilst I was away! When this Field Trip was arranged there was almost 18 months before we left and so it hasn't quite sunk in yet that I am actually going  really soon! I'm sure that when I am on the coach to the airport it will all feel a lot more real! 

Everyone says that University field trips like the one I am embarking on are once in a life time occurrences and I really hope that I manage to get a lot out of mine! Because of the Field Trip it means that I get a crazily short Easter break from University but I am sure it will be worth it and doing all of my catch up work will be so much easier with the tan I am hopefully going to get.... bye bye looking like a milk bottle! 

Have a lovely 10 days y'all and speak to you when I'm back! 

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