Sunday, 20 April 2014

Do You Really Need to Take a Filofax when Travelling?

Whilst deciding what to take with me on my Field Trip to Andalucia with the University I found myself questioning whether or not I truly needed to take my Filofax with me. I had a hefty pile of guide books, camera accessories, binoculars and walking gear that I needed to fit into my far too small of a suitcase and backpack and my Filofax was, taking up too much space (and weight... but that's another post!). Truth be told it only ended up making the cut because I was going straight to my parents house for my Easter break after returning from Spain and decided that it really would be needed at that point.

Pretty much all of my life is within the bounds of my organiser and so into the backpack it went... for the record, I did also consider taking the monkey in the picture too but I decided that might be a step too far. I had incredibly limited wifi in the rural hotels and spent most of my days half way up a mountain turning over rocks looking for creepy crawlies but to my amazement I found myself referring to my Filofax on multiple occasions. My dissertation supervisor emailed me to arrange a post Easter break meet up and I am one of those people who if I don't write something like that down straight away, then I will forget... and that is certainly not the way I want my dissertation to start! Friends from home were also texting asking when I was free and it was really handy to be able to just look in my diary and see exactly when I could go, rather than waiting for half an hour for my phone to connect to the wifi and I could check my google calendar.

So despite the funny look that I got from the airport security for having a Filofax on what was essentially a walking holiday, I really am glad that I took it with me. With the amount of work I have to complete over my Easter 'holiday' too I would have probably struggled to stay sane (and on top of everything) this week if I couldn't compile to do list after to do list!

Do you take your Filofax everywhere? Even on holidays and Field Trips?

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  1. My personal Malden tends to stay at home most of the time, but I've found that it's become very helpful for travelling. I recently went on a course & I took it along to use as my wallet & notebook. I also find it's useful for going on holiday with to hold travel documents, along with being my wallet & being able to write notes about what I'm reading or doing whilst away.

  2. I used a pocket for my recent trip and it worked just fine. I had all my flight/train times and some important info in there! I don't think I could have brought my personal along though, and the pocket is too small for every day use.