Monday, 28 July 2014

Things that made me happy #1

Some of my favourite blog posts to read are about the things that have made people happy that week and so inspired by Rosie and Alice, I have decided to try and focus on what has made me happy during the week. I mentioned in this post that I have a bad habit of letting myself get overwhelmed and so I am hoping that by having these posts it will help me to pick out the positives in my life.

So without further ado, here is what has been making me smile this week:

1. Catching up with friends: Between my work experience and holidays it had been over a month since I last saw my best friend (crazy!) so we decided to have a girly day out shopping in the beautiful Chester before she jets off to Spain to au-pair for a month. 

2. Reading: I have been making more time for reading lately and I am slowly ploughing my way through The Goldfinch. There is something about the simplicity of reading in bed with a cuppa that is so good for the soul. 

3. Self Confidence:  I am notoriously bad with self confidence but this week I decided that it might actually be possible for me to attempt my driving test before going back to Bangor for my final year of University (eeep!). 

4. Weekends off: Fellow retail workers will understand my joy of discovering that I had this weekend off without having asked for it! Whilst I didn't do anything majorly exciting with it, I did get to spend some quality time with my boyfriend eating junk food and binge watching TV shows. 

5. Rain: Finally, after what seems an endless heatwave, it finally rained last night. I love the smell of the air when it has rained and being a girl whose favourite season is Autumn, this heatwave has been far from enjoyable!

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  1. :) It's always the little things that make us happy, isn't it? And ohhhh gosh did rain make me happy today!! I didn't even mind being woken up by a thunderstorm- the fresh air finally breaking the heat has been lovely :D x

    1. Yeah it really is and I have started to appreciate that a lot more lately! The smell of rain has to be one of my all time favourite smells! x