Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Work Experience Musings

I absolutely loved my 2 weeks placement in East London and although commuting from Essex meant that my days were long I still managed to fit in exciting things. First up was the Soapbox Festival which took place on Sunday 30th June on London's Southbank aimed at highlighting female scientists and whilst I am not planning on pursuing my career in Zoology further than completing my degree it was still a very inspiring experience! 

Rather fortunately my time at the school coincided with a trip to the beach, which with the current weather the UK is experiencing as well as 120 inner London kids, most of whom had never been to the seaside before led to one of the craziest, yet most enjoyable days I have had in a long time.

One of the highlights of my commute every day meant that I had a lot of time for reading and although I didn't manage to complete a book in my 2 week stay, I am now halfway through The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. 

I was fortunate enough to be staying with my bestfriend from Bangor and her family whilst doing my experience and so when we were presented with a rainy Sunday afternoon we decided that we would bake a cake (because you know, the shops are open post 4pm on a Sunday and one can still purchase the necessary ingredients!). A delicious chocolate raspberry cake was born and demolished pretty promptly which must have meant that it was nice. (Recipe to follow shortly!). 

Keeping with the cake theme, me and A found out last Wednesday that we had both gotten a First in our 2nd year of university and so when we were in London shopping on Thursday we decided to celebrate with cake and this my friends is quite frankly the BEST carrot cake I have ever eaten. Well done me. 

Unfortunately my time down south had to come to an end and what better way to celebrate than a bowl full of ice cream, chocolate, sprinkles and marshmallows?! 

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