Thursday, 3 October 2013

Filofax should have an app!

This on the surface seems like a strange thing to say due to the fact that there often seems to be a divide between those that use paper based planning systems such as the Filofax and those that use the iPhone or other similar devices in order to keep track of their appointments and so forth.

I sit somewhere in the middle as I frequently use both my iPhone and Filofax for planning as sometimes I'm struck by a sudden great idea for a birthday present or remember something I need to be doing.

The other day I was winding down in bed and realised that I was low on to-do pages for my Filofax and so pulled out my iPhone to order some more rather than turn on my laptop simply to order some inserts.

Now don't get me wrong, I do love the new website design Filofax have recently released yet I found the mobile site was very small and cumbersome to use and so, like I do when this happens for other websites, I looked in the AppStore to see if I could get the Filofax app. I was however surprised to find that such an App did not exist. I am unsure whether Filofax have ever considered creating an app before but have been cautious for fear of offending those who are so strongly dedicated to paper planning but I personally feel that this would go someway to bridging the gap between the two types of planning and perhaps attract a wider audience for the Filofax.

Initially I was just wanting an app that was the equivalent of their website but then my imagination took hold and I began to think of other features this app could include and so below are some of my more sensible ideas (it was rather late when I did this so not all of my ideas made the cut, sadly!)

1. Things to add to my Filofax
2. Frequently ordered inserts
3. A reminder function (to check your Filofax to jog your memory of an important appointment for example)

These were the top three ideas that I came up with but I am curious as to what you all think about the concept of a Filofax app?

I will be sending a link of this blog post to the good people at Filofax, so who knows, they might even take some of our suggestions on board!

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  1. I like the idea but only if they release it for Android too - so far, Filofax have totally ignored any technology other than Apple products.
    An app where you can order stuff easily would be great. I get fed up with lazy companies saying you can use their mobile web site as it is usually a horrible experience.