Monday, 14 October 2013

Money Monday #4- What I'm saving up for

Before I came to University I had a part time job and very little to actually spend my money on and so when I saw something that I fancied, I was often able to buy it. Alas, the Student Loan does not allow for such things and so now if I decide I'd quite like something (even a piece of cake in a cafe!) I have to decide (honestly!) if I really can afford it.

Currently I am lusting after this little beauty:

The google nexus tablet, but with a price tag of almost £200, if not more, depending what model I opt for, there is no way I can just go out and buy this on a whim! Instead I am trying to save up some of my student loan by omitting a few luxuries from my budget such as magazines and that piece of cake in the cafe and I am hoping that the combination of that and having a part time job over Christmas holidays will allow me to purchase this gem in the new year- I am thinking end of exams treat? 

What are you currently lusting after? Will you save up for it or are you the kind of person who purchases thing on a whim? 


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