Monday, 7 October 2013

Money Monday #3- What can you buy with £20

One of the things that I quickly got an appreciation for at University was the value of money, and this is not to say that I was some spoilt rich kid beforehand, but there was very little that I had to actually budget for other than luxuries such as holidays!

So after trawling the internet for a few hours (I wasn't procrastinating honest!) here are 5 things that will set you back £20.

1. A date to the cinema

Unless you are savvy enough to go to the cinema on an Orange Wednesday then chances are by the time you have purchased two tickets, paid for transport and splurged on a packet of sweets, your total will be at least £20!

2. A new pair of shoes!

Well what girl doesn't like to treat herself to a new pair of shoes from time to time!

3.  A second hand textbook

Depending upon the original RRP of a textbook then you can often pick up most on secondhand sites or your university noticeboard for around £20

4. A night out

I am lucky in the sense that I am not a big drinker and so I usually only have to pay for entry, a few drinks and then walk home and so a night out for me only costs around £20. Top tip, leave your bank card at home!

5.  A train ticket home

As I am under a 2 hour train journey from home, a train ticket costs me £18.95 return with a railcard and so when that homesickness kicks in, I am not too far away and I don't have to break the bank to get there either!

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