Friday, 4 October 2013

Fresher Friday #3 Freshers Fair

Photo from Bangor University Facebook page.

Last week was Freshers week at my university which saw the onset of Freshers fair and I now have enough free pens and pencils to last me for a while!

Last year I signed up to a myriad of societies at Freshers Fair but only actually went to one on a regular basis. Therefore this year my goal was to find just one new society to join and so I fought my way through the hundreds of stands in order to find the one that caught my attention the most. 

The society that I picked was the Bangor Bird Group and I went to the first meeting last night and I was both surprised and pleased to find that this was not a group unique to the university students but there were also a large number of members of the public. This means that I will get the opportunity to speak to some real life experts and as I am studying for a Zoology degree and hope to go into the conservation field later this kind of experience will be invaluable for me!

What societies have you joined? And how many meetings have you actually gone to yet? :)

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