Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Paperchase Haul

Before I came back to university I made sure to visit the Paperchase near my hometown as sadly I do not  have one where I go to University and the delivery makes small purchases pretty pointless as you end up paying more in delivery charges. 

Recently I have been trying to use more washi tape in my Filofax in order to make it look more appealing and so I was thrilled to find this cute set of 4 tapes in Paperchase for £3.50 (AND I get Student Discount!)- the girl at the checkout said that Paperchase were introducing more sets in their ranges coming out in the next few weeks, I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for those! 

I also got these numbered stickers as I am hoping to make my own to do lists for my A5 Filofax and so I thought that these stickers would be perfect for that purpose! I haven't quite decided whether I am going to use a colour coding system or not yet- so stay tuned for that!

What is your favourite Paperchase item? 

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