Monday, 28 October 2013

Money Monday #5 - Using Cashback Websites

Cashback websites have steadily been growing in popularity and over the summer I decided that I would give them a go. Initially I was a bit dubious, I mean come on, can you really get money for shopping?! And it turns out that you can indeed! Now I'm not claiming that you will make enough money to pack up your studies/ retire but if you are already planning on purchasing something then it is worth checking out the cashback sites before you do.

I travel home from my university about every other weekend in order to visit my lovely boyfriend and see my dogs and family! I'm lucky that I'm only about an hour away on the train so it really isn't very taxing for me to travel back and whats more I can get cashback on my train tickets! 

So if you have never tried using cashback websites before then here are the links to my two favourites:

1) Top Cashback

2) Quidco

Now I am not going to lie to you dear reader, I do get a reward if you sign up using my link but the beautiful people at Quidco have allowed me to split this reward with you so if you sign up using my link then you will automatically receive £1.25 in cashback.... yes it really is that easy to get cashback on things!

What are your favourite tips for squeezing the most out of every penny you spend? 

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