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GUEST POST: Thoughts on Heading to University

Today I am SO excited to introduce you all to Sabina from her self titled blog, sabina who in her words is "an 18 year old just waiting for the dreaded results day". I remember those days well and don't envy her right now! I contacted Sabina and asked if she would like to write a post on her thoughts about her upcoming University experience and here is what she had to say. 

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The first emotion I feel as I think about student life and moving away from home is excitement! Embarking on the milestone in your life that is university is pretty scary, and there is a lot to sort out for the actual move, as well as mentally preparing yourself for what is to come.

Having said that, I am ecstatic about living independently; I know others may be terrified by the thought of having to do their own laundry and cooking their own meals (if you’re going for self-catered), but for me it’s an opportunity to decide how I want to go about things; for one I aim to eat a lot healthier!

What do you actually need?!

Chances are the room you will be living at in halls won’t be as large as your bedroom at home (unless you are super lucky or have decided to rent privately), so you will need to imagine what you’ll be able to fit in there. Clothes, shoes, bathroom essentials, stationery and homely comforts are to name a few. My firm university choice is 5 hours away from my hometown, so it’s not like I can jump on the train and pick up anything I’ve left behind!


I imagine that the move and settling in will become more of a priority at the start of the academic year than the actual course itself! But I think once the adrenaline of fresher’s week is over, I’ll be able to focus on the studying aspect of university: this is the reason you have packed up your life in boxes and chosen to dive into the deep end of living independently. I’m not too worried about working at this level – A levels have been the hardest thing I have had to do this year but I really feel as though it has prepared me for this – and there is plenty of support available! I have read that a lot of universities give you a ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ who are 2nd years that are doing the course as you – they are there for you for any questions you have if you don’t feel like talking to a staff member. This ‘family’ feel is another thing that calms down my nerves!

Getting out of your shell

If you are already a super confident person who can approach anyone and make friends in an instant,  you will be in your element in fresher’s week! But for a lot of people this will be the first opportunity to meet people you haven’t grown up with or shared years of your life together in high school. I had the chance to takepart in NCS last year which was one of the best things I’ve ever done, so this isn’t such a worry for me as I have experienced meeting new people and living with them for 2 weeks. It is very exciting and slightly daunting, but the way I see it, everyone is in the exact same boat as you so don’t be scared to approach people and introduce yourself!

Something else worth looking out for (which is what I am doing) is checking out what clubs/societies are available that you can sign up for and join whilst at university. This will be a break from your studies but it’s also a great social event where you can meet people who have similar interests to yours. Again, checking out what the city has to offer is a must for the weekends/free time you may have. I’m definitely one of those people that depends on the internet to search for places to go/see!

Right now I can only hope that I have managed to get the grades so that I can experience what many describe as the best years of their lives!

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I absolutely loved having Sabina here on my blog and reading her post reminded me that I was feeling very similar a few years ago and now here I am about to start my third year of University!! I also wrote a post for sabina yesterday which you can find here all about what I wish I'd known before starting University! I

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