Monday 25 August 2014

Things That Made Me Happy #5

1. Shake It Off Whilst this might not be the best Taylor Swift song that I have ever heard, it is still new music from her and I like the overall message of the song. I just hope that I see more of her songwriting on the Album in October...

2. Mrs Doubtfire I still don't think that I am over the passing of Robin Williams but this led to my local Odeon putting on a showing of Mrs Doubtfire which rather shamefully, I have never seen the entire film before this screening but the DVD is now most definitely on my wishlist! 

3. Birthdays This week was my boyfriends birthday and I really enjoyed planning things to celebrate it! Plus there was cake and whats not to love about cake! We spent the weekend watching Mrs Doubtfire, gorging on takeout and chocolates and working our way through the entire Season 1 of Smallville. 

4. Days Off Working in retail often means that there are hideous stretches of shifts to endure but this past week I managed to sneak 3 days off and I also have 3 days off this week too. Bliss. 

5. Blankets and Hot Chocolate The shift in the British weather has made it acceptable to dig out the wooly blankets and make hot chocolates laden with marshmallows. I must say, I do like Autumn. 

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