Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Things that Made me happy #3

Wow, sorry for the lateness of this post! Working in a retail job has made me completely lose track of the days and I have been convinced that today was Monday for the majority of the day! Anyway, onto the things that have been making me smile this week:

1. Still getting butterflies I have been with my boyfriend for just shy of three years now and whilst getting ready for a date the other night, I caught myself having butterflies and it made me smile. I don't ever not want to have those feelings. 

2. Getting on top of finances I am still attempting to follow my August spending ban and this week I have started to use a Pocket Filofax Finchley as my wallet/budget organiser and I will do a post or video on my set up once I have sorted out my system. 

3. The return of GBBO I really like this time of year in terms of TV. Great British Bake Off is one of my favourite shows of all time and whilst time restraints have left me unable to partake in the #BloggerBakeOff so far, I am hoping to have a go at a few of the recipes as the season progresses. 

4. YouTube Videos I am trying to experiment a little bit more with the beauty products that I use and almost by accident I stumbled across Vivianna does Makeup and I am slowly working my way through the videos on her channel! 

5. Buying a 1kg jar of Nutella... this one is self explanatory!


Three posts that I have loved reading this week are Handluggage Snoop by Rosie of The Londoner, Generation Sensible by Rachel of Handbags and Cupcakes and Study tips by The College Prepster. 

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