Monday, 18 August 2014

Things That Made Me Happy #4

I've been in a pretty bad mood all of this week and I have struggled to put my finger on exactly what the cause is, however, I think that it is weeks like these where it is even more important to focus on what has been making you happy.

1. Moving my room around! When I went away to University, I was moved into the box room of my parents house and ever since I have not been completely happy with the layout. This week I finally got around to rearranging it and I am much happier with it now. Let me know if you would be interested in a room tour.

2. Results day Whilst it may have been 3 years since I got my own A-Level results, this year my social media and work friends all seemed to do so brilliantly and almost everyone got the results that they deserved and first choice of University. And before anyone starts, this does not mean they are getting any easier.

3. My second and third nominations for the Liebster awards Two very lovely bloggers kindly nominated for the award again this week and I am currently working my way through their wonderful questions!

4. Discovering new TV series on Netflix House of Cards I am looking at you! I may have only watched the first episode but I can already feel myself getting hooked on this show.

5. Taylor Swift live chat announcement: All summer I have been waiting for her to announce the release of her latest album as due to her previous pattern, she usually releases a single in August and the Album in October, ever since getting new music from my other favourite artist, Ed Sheeran I have been after more Swifty! 

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  1. I started watching House of Cards but never got around to finishing it (the same can be said about The Tudors) - one day i'll get around to finishing them!

    1. Yeah I'm midway through Greys Anatomy so probably shouldn't be starting anything new but oh well!