Friday, 1 August 2014

Spending Ban Update July and No Spend August

Okay, confession time! My 100 day spending ban has well and truly failed! I think that I was rather naive to think that I could cope with a 100 day no spend ban having never done one. The more I had to resist purchases, the more I started to think about how long I was going to have to do that for and when I fell off the wagon, I pretty much decided that there was no way I could keep it up for another 90 days! (yes I only lasted  10 days, the shame!). 

So this time I am going to try a no spend August as some of the people that I follow on Instagram are doing the same thing and I think that having a little added support will be a deal breaker. Also 31 days really isn't that long! 

The rules are fairly similar to last time:

1) No Sticky Notes, Washi Tape or other Filofax related Stationery: Last time this rule was no stationery whatsoever but I quickly realised that there was stationery I needed to buy in preparation for my third year of University and with all of the back to school offers, it would be foolish not to take advantage and stock up on folders, ruled paper, plastic wallets etc. Putting it simply, I am not allowed to purchase any stationery unless I have a valid reason for doing so, and being cute doesn't count!

2) No Clothes: Last time this rule was a little bit more lax and I had quite a few exceptions, however as this spending ban is only for 31 days, I am sure that I can survive that long without buying a new clothing item!

3) No toiletries: The current stash that I have will easily last me at least 31 days throughout August, and I will be recieving my Birchbox during August and so that should hopefully cover the need to try out some new products!

4) No new bags or handbags: This was one of the rules from the previous spending ban that I actually managed to stick to, so I am hoping that I will be able to keep it up for another 31 days!

5) Limit buying random food and take out: I have cut down considerably on this since starting my 100 day spending ban but if I am honest with myself then I could still cut down more and I am hoping to do this over the next 31 days. 

6) No new books: Again, this is one of the rules from last time that I stuck to pretty well. The only books that I purchased where textbooks from my recommended reading list for third year of University as well as Tampa for the Bloggers Book Club. 

7) Nothing from eBay: I well and truly broke this rule, I am pretty sure that I have a slight eBay addiction and despite selling off some of my belongings on eBay since I started the spending ban, I have definitely spent more on there than I have made. This time I am going to delete the app from my phone as this is the main way I make purchases and start bidding on things that I really don't need! 


  1. I tried to ban myself from spending and the only justification I have is 'hey... it's summer!' We must control ourselves :P x

    1. Haha I'm currently saving up for a car and insurance so that is my motivation! :)