Sunday, 3 August 2014

My Week #31 PLUS Pimp My Filofax Competition

This week I am still in my Kate Spade organiser and I really do like the fact that it zips up, it was one of those things that I never really knew that I wanted in an organiser until I had it! My decoration for this week has been relatively basic but I have started to incorporate a project life card into the middle of my week, I haven't quite decided what I am going to write on them yet (as you can see from the blank back in the picture below) however I really like some of the inspirational quotes on them. 

This week has seen me have slighltly less hours in work, which has given me more time to crack on with my to do liist and make a dent in some of my summer reading that I have tasked myself with. I was lucky enough to have a day off yesterday on Saturday which is always a bonus during my summer holidays as my boyfriend has a Mon- Fri office job so my retail job can make it difficult to see him, despite the fact that we are no longer 80 miles apart!

Now onto some VERY exciting news! A few weeks back an email appeared in my inbox from the lovely Nike at Filofax asking if I would like to take part in a blogger challenge called Pimp my Filofax? As quickly as my fingers would type I replied, rather excitedly, saying that I would love to take part and a few days later I received an English Blossom Cover story Filofax. 

Taking advantage of the lovely summer weather we have been having, I quickly scooted out to my parents garden and took a snap of it against this cute little planter. 

The idea of the challenge was to decorate the internal pages of the Filofax and this is something that I thought long and hard about. I have been trying over the last few months to cut down on the amount of stickers and washi tape I have been using on my pages as I felt that it was distracting me from organising my time efficiently, which for me is the main reason I use a Filofax. I am also incredibly happy with my current main Filofax, the Crimson Malden and as I already have a Filofax dedicated to my Finances, I struggled to think about what I could use this little beauty for. 

Then I had an idea. My lovely Mum has been eyeing up my Filofax for going on 6 months now and although she originally had a Filofax years ago and was the one who got me into them in the first place, since swapping jobs a few years ago, she hasn't used one and instead opted for bound planners as they are generally slightly cheaper, all be it, less practical. I think she was on the verge of purchasing one a few months back and then our family dog got sick so she used the money she had set aside for a Filofax towards the vet bill, in true Mum style. 

However, seeing how I want to gift her this Filofax as a surprise, and my Mum finds the idea of stickers and washi tape all over her diary pages somewhat confusing, this left me with the dilema of how I was going to Pimp out the Filofax for her. So my way of pimping the Filofax has been to pretify the dividers and set up the Filofax in a way that when I give it to my Mum, she can start using it right away and won't need to buy anything else for it. 

I have added a set of Post it note flags, the Pimp my Filofax car a notebook and cute paperclip to the credit card slots of the binder. Then placed a project life card in the secretarial pocket. Perhaps my favourite part of the Filofax is the Olaf dashboard that I made for the organiser- one of Mum's favourite films at the moment is Frozen and I am pretty certain that this is her favourite line! My parents celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary next year and I think that this has something to do with the fact that her favourite line is 'Some people are worth melting for'. 

The dividers that came with the organiser where the blue and green coloured 1-6 dividers and so I covered the tabs of the dividers with some of the Kirstie Allsop washi tape as it was flowery and I felt it fit with the English Blossom theme. I found a tinker-bell sticker pictured below that I put infront of the 2014 diary tab as this is Mum's favourite Disney character!

Inside, I have set up the Filofax into the following section:

1) Personal Information: Mum has a lot of usernames and registration numbers etc that she needs to keep track of for her job and so I can see this section being really useful for her. 

2) To Do: It is a close competition between who makes more lists out of me and my Mum and so I have created a list section complete with some additional To-Do pages and some of the Day Planner Filofax pages. 

3) 2014 Diary: Very luckily the Organiser came with both a diary for this year and for 2015! Previously when Mum had a Filofax, she separated her years in different tabs and

4)2015 Diary:

5) Contacts: The size of my Mum's family is bordering on ridiculous and so a contacts section is definitely a must for her and now I found a use for the tonnes of contacts pages I have had lying around in my room!

6) Lists: I had a sneaky look at the lists my mum has in her current diary (shhh don't tell her) and disovered a whole array of things she keeps a track of in there- like Clubcard and Nectar points, madness! In order to make sure that this Filofax is perfect for her I have included ample list making space for her and added in some of the Filofax Finance pages for her to track various savings and budgeting projects. 

I really hope that you guys like how I have pimped out the Filofax and I am keeping my fingers crossed that my Mum will also like it. The great news is that Filofax are running a competition over on their Facebook page and if my photo gets the most likes, I will receive a whopping 6 Filofax organisers to give away to you guys! If I come either second or third place then I will receive 3 to giveaway! So if you like my design and want to be in with a chance of winning a Filofax, then please head over to the Facebook page and like my photo! 

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  1. Congrats on being one of the lucky chosen few to take part in the challenge! You've done a great job of it :) x

    1. Aww yay I'm glad you think so! I'm going to give it to my Mum tomorrow and hope that she likes it too! :) x