Monday, 4 August 2014

Things that made happy #2

This week seems to have completely flown by and I found myself caught off guard this morning when I realised that it was in fact Monday and not Sunday! During the week I have been jotting down little things that made me happy and I have found that this has greatly lifted my mood.

1. Baking: On Thursday we found out that my boyfriend had passed his exams that he resat last month so I decided that a celebratory cake was in order. I made a Raspberry Bakewell and in his words 'you did good with this cake'... success!

2. No Fizzy drinks: I have read many articles recently telling me just how bad drinking copious amounts of fizzy drinks is for you and so last Monday I decided to switch my usual drink of diet coke to water and I am feeling SO much better for it!

3. Exciting emails: This week a series of exciting emails where exchanged between me and a fellow blogger, keep your eyes peeled on the blog on Wednesday! 

4. Getting a Haircut: When looking back through my diary I realised that it had been 19 weeks since I had had a haircut and so promptly got myself down to the salon for a trim and tidy up!

5. New shorts: I can't remember the last time I bought a pair of shorts (bar running shorts) because I generally don't like the pasty colouration of my legs and I'm quite insecure about the leg area of my body in general! However this current heatwave has pushed me to take the plunge!

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  1. Oh man I can't remember the last time I brought or even wore shorts! That bakewell looks tasty!

    1. I have yet to actually wear mine due to a change in weather! It was soooo good, and we may have eaten the entire thing over a weekend, oops!