Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Dog is Not Just For Christmas

I have been driving my boyfriend, friends and family crazy lately with puppy pictures and I really cannot wait until I have my own place and I am in the position to have my own puppy! My desired puppy currently is an English Springer Spaniel, I mean just look at his little face!

However, as much as I want a puppy, I would NEVER get one for Christmas! Puppies may look all cute and innocent but they are incredibly hard work and in my days of pursuing a Vet degree, the amount of work experience I did in rescue shelters during Easter where there were countless dogs just a few months old that had clearly been Christmas presents and were no longer wanted, it breaks my heart! Both of the dogs I had growing up were rescue dogs and yes they came with a few teething problems, but what new pet doesn't?! However they are now the most loving and loyal dogs that you could ever ask for, all they wanted was a bit of love and attention!

A quick browse of my local Dogs Trust website came up with 57 lovely dogs that all need a new home, some will need a more patient and experienced owner but I really cannot stress how worthwhile it is to put the time and effort in with a new pet, even if it is not from  rescue centre.

My family dogs are currently 16 and 14 years old which is an incredibly long commitment for someone in the early twenties to be making, I cannot guarantee that I will be living in accommodation that allows pets or that I will have a job that gives me the right amount of time and money to be able to properly look after my new four legged friend.

So if you are thinking of getting a puppy this Christmas, especially as a gift for somebody else then please just make sure you have done your research and you know what you are getting yourselves into!

Do any of you have dogs that were from rescue centres? Or dogs that were Christmas presents? 

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