Monday, 9 December 2013

A very muddy field trip

As part of my Conservation module at University this semester we have had several little field trips out to various different local sites so that we could see for ourselves what we were learning about and we have had the opportunity to hear from the people that run or work in these places about the issues that they are facing and what they think the priorities in Conservation should be! This Field trip here was to Pentre Brew Gaerwn Marshland (got to love Welsh names) it is a RSPB managed site but I got the impression that it is one of their less commercial ones as the paths were incredibly treacherous and I didn't spy any signs or visitor centres that their usual reserves have.

During the Victorian era this site was actually a coal mine and the picture above is the remains of the old coal tower! It was slightly scary when the instructor then told us the marshland we were about to walk over was above the old mines (that hadn't been filled in!) and all of our wellies started to sink down into the mud and we had visions of finding ourselves tumbling down into an ancient mine. 

Despite the worries of falling into the mine, the scenery that we were walking through was just so beautiful that I couldn't resist snapping a few pictures in order to share with all of you guys! 

Very muddy wellies after making our way across the Marshland!

This might just be me being a little bit special but I love the way that twigs from different trees and bushes intertwine together- just me? okay then moving on...

Pretty country lanes and streams! Sights like this make me remember why I chose to go Bangor University in the first place! I live in a seriously pretty place, if only I had more time to actually go out and see it! 

Pretty reed beds! I wonder what wildlife was lurking here hiding from the group of 30 or so students trampling through!

I was so glad I had opted to wear my Hunter wellies as I did end up knee deep in mud at one point and my wellies saved me from getting my tights muddy! I opted to wear a floral skirt with my wellies- just because it is winter doesn't mean I can''t still wear some of my lovely summer stuff!

Have any of you guys been on any interesting field trips with your school or university? 


  1. I love this! Haven't been on any field trips in ages, but we did do a lot of fun weekend trips when I studied abroad in Dublin

  2. I've been inundated with them this term! Hope I get some good ones next semester too :)