Friday, 6 December 2013

New York! New York!

Whether it is because I have been watching too much Gossip Girl and Friends of late I'm not sure but recently I have had the desire to go to New York! I mean it just looks incredible! I have spent many an hour procrastinating from my University work by looking up flights, hotels, things to do and considering selling a kidney on the black market in order to be able to afford such a trip on a student budget!

I have no idea who I would go to New York with! My boyfriend doesn't have a passport and isn't really the travelling or holiday type of person and I'm not sure my friends would see the appeal as much as I do! Nonetheless it is still definitely on my list of places that I want to go to some day!

So what would I do in New York you ask?!  Here are my top ten things to do should I ever get the chance to visit!

1. Central Park

Apparently this park got its inspiration from my local park (not sure how much truth is in that though!) but this park is in pretty much every movie and TV show set in NYC that I have ever seen and it always looks like the most amazing public space! If I was visiting around Christmas then I would most definitely have to go ice skating here!

2. Central Perk

Who doesn't love Friends? And one day dreaming of sitting on those sofas without a care in the world... Whilst I have been to the Central Perk in Liverpool and it was amazing, it doesn't quite have the same attraction as going to one that is actually in NYC, sorry Liverpool!

 3. Empire State Building
I mean you can't go to New York and not go here, theres some law against that right?

4. Met Steps (and the Museum of course!)

The Met steps are possibly one of the most iconic things in the early Gossip Girl seasons and so I think it would be really cool to go and eat yoghurt on them (lactose free of course!) and the reviews I have read about the museum itself make it sound like such an amazing place!

 5. Ground Zero Memorial
9/11 is still something that I can remember my Dad explaining to me what had happened and that the scenes I was seeing on the TV where real and not from a movie. I think it is really nice that they have made the memorial here and would really like to go and visit it someday. 

 6. Public Library
As a lover of books and old buildings, this place seems like the perfect place to sit down and get lost in one of my favourite books! It might even inspire me to get some of my work done! 

 7. Grand Central Terminal
I'm a little bit embarrassed to say that the main place I remember this station from is the Madagascar movie! And the infamous scene of Serena returning in Gossip Girl of course! I'm not sure I would actually catch a train anywhere but I would still like to go and visit- it looks so pretty!

 8. Shopping!!
Okay so if my boyfriend ever reads this post about me wanting to go to NYC then shopping on my to do list will put him right off the idea haha! But I am a girl, and New York has some incredible shops, it would be rude to not go and take a look!

9. Statue of Liberty

This is one of those sites that just like the Empire State building, you just have to go and have a sneaky look at while you're in the city! I think it would be really pretty to go and see this at sunset and snap a few pictures!

10. Take a Yellow Cab

And after all of my sight seeing I would definitely need to get into a yellow cab to get me safely back to my hotel room for a good nap before heading out again, well the city never sleeps right?!

Have any of you ever been to New York? Or are any of my lovely readers from there?! 

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