Friday, 20 December 2013

Filofax Advice Needed!!

The last term at University I was absolutely awful at sticking to any form of budget and whilst I didn't rack up massive debts and still lived within my means, I certainly didn't live as carefully as I could have done and my savings took a bit of a dent.

I have therefore decided that I am going to dedicate an entire Filofax to budgeting because I now live in a house as opposed to University halls and so I am responsible for paying utility bills and the like for the first time in my life... eeek! The idea that having a Filofax for budgeting will make me magically stick to my budget is unrealistic I know (I am not quite that naive!) However I do have the notion that it will be really easy to set up and get going and after reading this post by Steve over at Philofaxy yesterday I have now realised that this probably is not true and it will take some tweaking to get going!

I have finally managed to locate a Personal Zipped Holborn in Wine that was within my price range as I have had it in my head for the past few weeks that either this model or the Chilli Zipped Cuban would be the ideal organiser for my budgeting. Heres hoping I am not wrong! I like the security of having a zipper on an organiser that will most likely contain important documents and cash when paying bills as I am one of those old fashioned people who likes to go to the bank to pay things in 'real' money.

Filofax themselves sadly do not do very many financial inserts other than ones that are for tracking your spending from bank accounts which I tend to jot down on notepaper anyway, rather than the specific refills. I have been looking at these Organised Mum refills as I have heard great reviews about their other products but I am not quite convinced that these are exactly what I am looking for.

I am going to be trying to use the envelope budgeting system next term and I was just wondering whether any of the Filofax community had come across, or possibly created printables that would fit within this budgeting method? How do you manage your budget? Do you have a dedicated Filofax for it?

Please help!


  1. I initially tried a separate planner, personal holborn, as my budget planner...but could not deal with two planners. So I moved everything into my personal finchley and use this as my all in one planner/wallet. I have a Finance section with MO2P tabbed and use Organized by Mum Finance sheets in between. This is the best set up I have come across since April when I found a bowl full of lemons blog post about her budget planner. Now as this is incorporated into my 'take everywhere' planner it just works fabulously for my cash majority spending...I use a debit for gas but am moving away from this aspect as well. Hopefully by the second half of 2014 I will be completely cash only and using my debit/credit for emergency only expenses.

  2. Here's the post that got me started...