Thursday, 21 November 2013

Filofax Enabling

 A few weeks ago I aided a couple of friends who live in the US in buying some of their desired Filofaxes from eBay UK as the sellers did not wish to ship the filos to America themselves and I must admit I loved the thrill of being in a last minute bidding war as these two filos are very popular amongst the planning community and when they arrived it was so nice getting a sneak peak at these beautiful organisers!

For those of you who cannot tell the two organisers I purchased were an A5 Yellow Finsbury and an A5 Jade Finchley, both of which are made from real leather and despite being several years old still had that lovely leather smell!
Here is a view of the organisers stacked on top of each other- you can tell these are high quality filos from simply looking at them- I mean look at that stitching! Hopefully these organisers will give their recipients a lot of enjoyment!

Has anybody else ever been an enabler? Did you enjoy it as much as me?

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