Friday, 22 November 2013

Inspirations #1- Taylor Swift

Now I know Taylor Swift is not always a popular topic of conversation (especially if you're a 1D fan!) but having been a fan of Taylor since she first appeared onto the UK music scene in February 2009 she has now been a part of my life for almost 5 years (thats practically a quarter of my life!)

She frequents headlines because of her infamous break-ups but stories like this always frustrate me because they don't look past the surface. At 23 I am sure most of you have had the same number of actual partners as Taylor unless you are one of the lucky few that have found 'the one'.

But enough of that, it is not Taylor's love life that inspires me (I'm much more interested in her cat Meredith) its the kind of image she portrays and the values that she has. Miley Cyrus, being a similar age to me, used to be somebody that I aspired to be like but recently that has changed... and I am sure I don't need to detail why. Admittedly most of her songs are about boys, but when you're a 15 year old girl sat in your bedroom crying your eyes out because the guy you've been crushing on asked someone else to prom, her music helps, you can relate to it- you feel like somebody else has been through what you're feeling and then the next song on the Album is about falling in love and you realise that there's still hope and there are indeed plenty more fish in the sea.

I am currently 21 and Taylor is 2 years my senior but the way in which she releases her albums means that when they are released I have songs that will help me through the next two years of my life. There has been many a moment when I have often skipped songs on her album initially because I didn't relate to them or understand them but then a couple of months later, that same song is on repeat.

(The faces she pulls really are priceless) 

Recently the Country Music Awards honoured Taylor with the 'Pinacle Award' not only for her work in bringing country music to a wider platform but also the charity work that she does, largely behind the scenes and not just in a publicity stunt. I think the way in which she conducts herself is something to aspire to, I really wish I had her grace when she walks into a room.

This summer I got to see Taylor for the third time at the Capital FM Summer Ball and yet again her performance had the whole crowd going, she sang LIVE (the amount of artists that mimed was shocking!) and she brought Ed Sheeran out so I got to see him sing live too! I finally manage to secure tickets for her RED tour in  February and I am unbelievably excited!

So think what you may about her love life, but Taylor Swift has helped me through many a rough patch. When I am up late working on an essay, its her music I have on, when I am missing my boyfriend, its her songs that comfort me and when I'm getting ready for a night out with my girlfriend, her songs go on!

Who are your role models?

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