Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday- Things that Excite Me (NEW series)

I've had somewhat of the blogging bug this weekend and have come up with another idea for a new series of posts on my blog- perhaps it was the change of scenery that did it?! 

For those of you who are unfamiliar this meme is a reference to the walking dead! I recently started watching this programme with my boyfriend during the summer holidays and it really didn't take long for us to become hooked!  We rattled our way through the first three series pretty quickly and then had the agonising wait for season 4 to begin! 

If you don't watch the walking dead why not? It is based upon the idea that there was some kind of disease that turned half of the American population into zombies, otherwise known as 'walkers' and there is a small group that are trying to survive with a lot of very interesting group dynamics thrown into the mix! It makes for very good watching, all be it somewhat gory at times! The show has taken off recently in America and over here and more and more friends are actually watching it and I have people to discuss my opinions with! 

Currently we have to wait weekly for a new episode to be shown in the states, which is rather annoyingly on a Sunday night and as I am only home every other weekend, it means that we are not as up to date as we could be (unless we broke tradition and watched it separately of course) 

Which TV shows get you excited? Do you watch the walking dead?

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