Sunday 17 November 2013

My Week #6

Although on paper it doesn't look that way, this week has been a rather busy one with a lot of travelling back and forth! 

On Tuesday I had a meeting at Liverpool museum about my third year research project which meant a 2 hour train ride each way! Then on Friday my parents came to visit (and show me how to turn the heating on!!!) before taking me back home ready to go to a wedding in Barnsley with my boyfriend on Saturday morning before heading back to the homeland on Sunday! After getting back to my university town tomorrow afternoon I think I will need a nap (but sadly I have lectures until 6pm!!) 

I've also had a fair amount of work to be doing this week, so much so I was starting to go slightly crazy and so decided that I wasn't going to take any work home with me at the weekend and boy has it been fun! I've finally almost finished the book I started at the start of September (which by the way is a great book so keep your eyes peeled for when I finish it and do a post on it!) 

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