Sunday 24 November 2013

My Week #7

This week I went for a Disney theme in my planner. As you can tell lectures were pretty light this week but I did have two field trips on Thursday and Friday which took up more time than I would have liked considering I have the first of my two assessed interviews on Tuesday (eep!)

I also finally managed to give blood this week which is something that I feel everyone should do if they can, especially at this time of the year when blood stocks always start to run low!

After spending last week away at a wedding with my boyfriend I also had a fair amount of work to catch up on and so most of my week has been spent with my head in a book, although not always university related- check out my review of the latest book I read here.

More excitingly I got round to doing some baking and I made myself some lactose free cheesecake which has been a great comfort food and revision motivation this week.

The latest instalment of the hunger games movies was released this week and I am going to see it with some of my friends from university on Wednesday which considering the reviews I have read on-line, I am uber excited!

What have you been up to this week?

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