Monday, 4 November 2013

Money Monday #6- Going out as a student

Going out as a student is one thing that is hard to do quite cheaply but last week it was my housemates birthday and so I couldn't really refuse. Luckily her birthday fell on a Monday when our local pub has half price food and so I managed to get this mahoosive plate of food and a drink (non alcoholic) for little over £4. For the rest of the evening I bought my drinks from a supermarket (£2) and pre-drank at another friends house before heading out for the evening! This meant that I only had to pay the entrance fee to the club £3) meaning that I managed to secure a night out and a meal for under £10 meaning that my budget wasn't completely blown and I wasn't worrying all night about how much everything was costing.

What are your favourite tips for saving money on a night out? :)

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