Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Unusual Pets

Being a Zoology student and general animal lover I am always interested in what kind of pets people have and so when my boyfriend decided to get a pet hedgehog I was pretty excited! Whilst I haven't actually managed to hold him myself yet (seeing him mess on my boyfriend was enough to put me off for a while) he is such a sweet thing and is behaving himself much better. 

When I first met my boyfriend he had pet Hermit Crabs, which elicited a very awkward conversation between my mum and I when I casually mentioned the guy I was seeing had crabs... Since then he has had salamanders and lots of snakes but Harry the Hedgehog is the latest addition and perhaps my favourite so far, but we shall see!

I've never had an exciting pet myself, I have stuck mainly to the usual hamsters/guinea pigs/rabbits etc but I am starting to think about what kind of pet I will have when I have my own house.

Do any of you lovely readers have any interesting pets? 

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