Friday, 1 November 2013

Fresher Friday #7- New Found Freedom

Firstly apologies for the lateness of this post but I have *hopefully* sorted out my third year research project today so things have been a little crazy. 

Whilst doing my weekly food shop this week I overheard a girl (who I presume to be a fresher) exclaiming rather gleefully that her basket was full of all the things she wasn't allowed as a child! I couldn't get a full view of her basket but you could definitely see coco pops, cans of coke, dairylea Dunkers and the like in there! This got me thinking about whether I had indulged in anything that I wasn't allowed to do as a child. 

Rather innocently mine was the purchase of a rotastak hamster cage that I longed for as a child but my parents told me they were too hard for me to clean out myself! They were probably right in fairness as those tubes can get rather messy! 

Going to university does give you a reasonable amount of freedom that you won't have experienced before and my word of advice to all you freshers is to use it wisely! Whilst you may be able to go out partying every night of the week, bring that boy/girl home you know your parents would hate or blow all of your student loan on clothes you need to remember that going to university is first and foremost about your education (sorry to be a nag!) 

You do need to have fun and let your hair down whilst at university but it is critical that you perfect that work:life balance during your first year as whilst it may not count towards your final degree mark I have witnessed many a second year student this year struggling to get into the habit of working as they spent their entire first year partying and well, old habits for hard! 

What have you done with your freedom? Have you indulged in anything your previous self lusted after? :) 

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