Sunday 3 November 2013

My Week #5

This week saw the arrival of my new original in green and I think that I am finally all moved in now and I am absolutely loving it! So far I haven't encountered any issues with the 'short' strap that I have read so much about online but I think that mine may perhaps be one of the newer ones that has the slightly longer strap.

Monday saw my first real exam of second year and I am optimistic that it went well but only time will tell in that sense! I also got my first mark back from an assignment and I am pleased with how it went so it seems my blip in not feeling on top of my course is hopefully over! I've had very few contact hours this week and so I have managed to catch up on my notes ahead of reading week next week so I can go home and see my family and boyfriend for a few days which will be nice.

How was your week?

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