Monday, 18 November 2013

Lactose Free Mini Lemon Cheesecakes

Lactose intolerance is not something that I have suffered with for very long and so I still have a craving for a lot of dairy based foods but it isn't quite as simple as popping to Asda and picking one up, unless I can be incredibly self restrained and only eat a teeny amount of it. The recipe that I adapted can be found here on BBC Good Food.

 400g Cream Cheese (I used the Lactofree Brand)
 50g Icing sugar
 2 lemons- the juice and zest
 60g butter ( I used the soya based brand 'pure')
 150g digestive biscuits


First cut the lemons in half, juice them carefully being sure to remove any pips that fall out and then grate the zest (but don't cut your thumb, lemon juice in fresh cuts is painful-trust me!)

Break up the cream cheese and add the lemon juice and zest to this, sprinkle in the icing sugar through a sieve and then combine all of the ingredients. You can use an electric whisk for this but I just used a wooden spoon and this seemed to do the trick. 

Next break up the digestive biscuits and then, this is possibly the best part, bash them into tiny pieces. You know all of that built up frustration you have with a lecturer, essay or even housemate, this is the perfect opportunity to release all of this tension and what is more, you get cheesecake at the end of it all!

Melt the butter and stir it into your broken up digestive biscuits and then press them into cake cases. 

Spoon in your mixture and then place them into the fridge in order to set (yes thats right, no cooking required which in student terms = lower energy bill) and leave them in there for a few hours.

Finally make yourself a good old fashioned cuppa and then enjoy your hard work! 

Do you suffer from any food allergies? What are your favourite recipe hacks?

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